You Never Forget Your First Credit Card

It all seems so long ago, when you were walking through the quad at your college campus and you saw that credit card booth giving away free t-­shirts and water bottles with their logo just for applying for their credit card; you didn’t even have to get approved for their credit card to receive their gifts. How did they know that you would be walking there in the Texas heat too poor to buy new clothes (or anything for that matter) and too thirsty to just take a few sips from the water fountain in any building? It’s like it was meant to be! You couldn’t wait to tell your parents about your experience and your new love!

The relationship started out great with the free gifts just for being you, little savings here and there just for buying things that you needed anyway. You didn’t know why everyone was so negative about your credit card relationship. They must not have ever had a credit card like the one that you had because this was exactly what you needed to get through your tough financial times. Your credit card was there for you through good and bad times.
You made payments on time every month. You kept your balances low. You even earned good credit and got introduced to more credit cards that you never would have gotten if it weren’t for that first credit card. You probably would not have been able to buy your own house if it wasn’t for your good credit which you got from your good relationship with your credit cards that you got probably because of that very first credit card!

Then, you got ‘lifed’. You know, life happened. Something got in the way of your credit card relationships and you could not keep up your end of the deal. You started to meet your first credit card’s other sides, like their collection department. Where did that department come from? You thought you really knew your first credit card, but if you would have known how they would have turned out to be, you would have never accepted their free gifts or applied to have them in your wallet. Maybe your friends and family were right, after-all. One good thing that came out of the credit card relationship was you home, but you can’t buy things like new furniture because all those credit card relationships all went away when you got ‘lifed’ including your great credit scores.

Now, you have been introduced to their partners, the third­-party debt collectors. They start telling their side of your ‘financial fright’ story to the credit bureaus and then credit bureaus report it totally wrong and even worse in your credit report. Now every lender thinks they know how you use credit because they access your credit report when you apply with them. You start to believe that you deserve this somehow and no one can help you and you can’t help yourself out of this mess. The choice is up to you at this point. You can continue living the life of harassing phone calls, collection letters piling up, credit so bad you can’t refinance the home you now can’t afford or you can take a stand for a better life. Who knows, maybe you will get back into a healthy relationship with a new credit card (s) and reclaim your good credit again. The fact is that you have rights as a consumer and you can get back to a good credit standing and maybe a better credit standing than you have ever had before. It’s all up to you!

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