What is a FICO Certified Professional?

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A FICO Certification which is provided by AllRegs Academy helps to distinguish between those who truly know and understand credit and those who do not.

There are many so called credit experts running around these days, giving out much information to hungry consumers who desire to know the truths about the credit industry. The problem is that most of this information is presented incorrectly and can potentially be a big financial problem if followed. It can be difficult to determine what is correct and incorrect when people are rattling off different percentages and facts and figures which sound very “believable”. Knowing what certifications exist can assist you in finding individuals who are capable of giving you solid and factual information. One of the only official certification in the consumer credit space is that of a FICO Certified Professional.

This certification is offered by AllRegs, the nations leading publisher of mortgage industry guidelines in conjunction with the industry leader in credit scoring, FICO- or Fair Isaac Corporation. The certification offers a reputable certification for those who are capable of proving that their understanding of the credit industry is in fact up to par with the information that exists given directly from the company who created the scoring system itself. This helps to ensure that any data that is shared with consumers will be in fact correct and not misleading.

The course covers three main categories:

  • Exploring FICO Scores
  • Analyzing the Credit Report
  • Communicating Credit Information

Those individuals interested in learning from a credit consultant will gain valuable information in conversations regarding their own personal credit reports by working direcly with a FICO Certified Professional.

If you are interested in speaking with a FICO Certified Credit Professional, please request a FREE CONSULTATION of your credit file or learn more about some of the biggest credit myths that exist with our “10 Biggest Credit Myths De-Bunked” report.


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