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Do you find yourself in the same financial corner of ‘Barely Getting By’ & ‘Broke’ month after month, year after year? Or maybe you are new to this side of the financial street and really don’t know how you got here or how to get back to ‘Saving for Rainy Day’ & ‘Debt Free’. Either way, when you are here it can be scary. You may not be able to see the road back to financial recovery and then, you may just settle for where you are and get used to being where you are because you can’t see any other way out.

It may not make sense to you right now, but you may actually discover pieces of financial freedom in your home right now! You can dedicate a weekend to going through the areas of your home or you can take on one area a week until this gets done.

Here’s how to make the discovery:

● Start an old fashioned ‘piggy bank’ ­ Be diligent about putting any and all money that you find in your ‘piggy bank’. Even the dirty pennies that you will find on the floor or in your drawers or at the bottom of your purse; you can wash them and put them in the ‘piggy bank’. My grandma once told my mom when she saw a penny on the floor, ‘Man, you must be rich to be throwing money on the floor’. Think about the money you walk over or ‘leave on the table’ not just figuratively, but literally, too!

● Take inventory of what you own ­ You may discover that you have multiple number of the same things! Multiple: extension cords, lotions, hand soaps, toothpaste, hammers (or other tools), exact clothes/shoes, crock pots, cutting boards, copy
paper, tissue paper, etc. Organize the multiples that you have in the appropriate spaces. Be diligent about always putting these items in these spaces so that you are aware of how much you already have. If you only need one of the multiples (i.e. hammer), then sell, swap or donate the rest. The next time you think about buying something you could just go shopping in your own home for what you have already bought.

● Return any items that you DO NOT NEED ­ This may sound obvious, but for some reason people who say they are ‘broke’ or they are barely making it somehow have recently purchased items such as shoes that come from those monthly subscription deals or clothes that they picked up at a major sale from a store. RETURN THE ITEMS if they are still within the return time.

● Sell items that you DO NOT NEED ­ Here are some of the obvious and not so obvious ways of selling the items that you DO NOT NEED: Have a garage sale, post on Craigslist, take to a local resale shop (Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, Half Price Books, etc).

● Swap ­ AKA Barter! You have so many things that you want or need and you have so many things that other people want or need. GET IT?!?! Craigslist has a trade/barter section, but you can also let your friends and family know what you have or what you can do (services) and what you want or need. You can even host a swap at your home if you really want to go big with getting what you want.

● Donate­ Share your wealth! Donate the items that you just can’t get rid of by selling or swapping. Especially if you are left with many items after a swap. Don’t forget that you can use your donation as a tax write­-off and know that you will be helping someone or people out there while helping yourself clear spaces for what you actually need!

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