Repair bad credit San Antonio- don’t get ripped off

If you are attempting to repair bad credit, you should be cautious to make the right moves before you pay someone to help you.

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There are many options for improving your credit report, some are reputable and some are not. We have heard of many different types of “professionals” offering so called services to their clients such as Realtors and Loan Officers- the problem with this is that 99% of the time they are doing this illegally because they do not carry the necessary requirements to offer this type of service legally. In addition our motto is “Do what you do best and delegate the rest” If we wanted to be a “jack of all trades” we would probably end up lowering the quality of each and every type of service we offered because we wanted to make a quick buck off of every possible avenue. We know this is not a good idea.

In our experience you should take serious precaution when dealing with someone who already offers a specific service and decides to try and charge you for credit repair on the side. We have heard many horror stories of people being taken advantage of because they ended up paying someone to do something they THINK they know how to do but really DO NOT. Follow these guidelines to make sure you are working with a reputable credit repair firm and save yourself the pain and agony that others have already learned the hard way.

  • Ensure the individual offering credit repair services is registered with the Secretary of State in the state they are operating in. This can be found with a simple Google search.
  • Never pay up front for services, the Credit Repair Organizations Act strictly prohibits this.
  • Get everything in writing and make sure the contractual agreement that you sign has a “Right to Cancellation” which is required by all credit repair companies.

If only ONE of the above items is missing from the person you are dealing with, run the other way!

If you are interested in speaking with a FICO Certified Professional regarding your credit, please request a FREE CONSULTATION.


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