Payday loans and credit repair San Antonio

Do payday loans help people?


I see commercials where payday and title loan companies make it seem like they are the best companies on earth- helping to make hard working citizens lives better and keeping our global economy moving strong….I cant help but to get a feeling of pain in my stomach because I know exactly how high the interest is on a payday loan and its actually a shocking figure.

I have added a video below from the Khan Academy where Mr Khan himself breaks down the painful and agonizing reality of the TRUE cost of a high interest payday loan.

One of the main reasons people end up using payday loans is because of the fact that their credit is poor and they are unable to get regular bank loans or credit cards to use responsibly if an emergency situation comes up. This is where credit repair comes in. Spending a few hundred dollars on credit repair can yield an extremely high return on investment especially when you consider the amount of money you might be spending right now on your payday loan. If more individuals in San Antonio spent their time, money and effort on improving their credit through credit repair- they would quickly see how much better life is and less expensive with a high credit score.

"5 Quick Tips for boostingyour cred


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