Policy-Compliant Credit Repair Solutions

Your credit score is integral to the success of many important things in your life. Applying for a loan, for instance, becomes an easier process if you have good credit history. Credit 360 Consulting understands the value of accurate and fair credit reporting, which is why we are committed to ensuring that yours reflects truthful data.

We provide credit repair services in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas that are compliant with the policies and guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Credit Repair Organizations Act. We pride ourselves in working closely with consumer advocacy groups to guarantee our clients of getting optimal value from our services. By adhering to industry-approved practices, we deliver efficient solutions that can help you manage your credit report, as well as protect yourself from the ill consequences of fraudulent entries.

Modeled after three guiding principles that are founded in the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, our credit repair services help you verify that:

  • All items are reported within the allowable legal time frame. There are several tenets in federal and state laws that require the removal or suppression of data that is obsolete, in credit reports. We make sure that every item in your current score keeps up with the allowed legal time frames.
  • All items are accurate. Your credit score must account for only accurate data. Our team helps you track all the entries to spot if anything is amiss, and examine whether there is any report that should not be there.
  • All items can be verified. Credit reporting agencies must be able to validate every data they submit to consolidate your score. Our team is trained to follow every trail to verify its authenticity.

Keeping Score with the Contents of your Credit Score

Credit 360 Consulting believes that informed people are empowered people. This is why we encourage and assist our clients to proactively check their credit report to make sure that it does not contain errors, as well as correct false entries as soon as they can. If you find that your credit report contains inaccurate information, we can help you to take immediate, legal action to have said piece of information removed from your file. Our team strives to deliver effective credit repair solutions, and having your report corrected is part of our solutions.

Ask Us for a Free Initial Consultation

Employ the assistance of a trusted credit repair company, and protect yourself from the damage that an unfair credit report can bring. Get in touch with us at 1-888-900-5138 for a free initial consultation. For more information on our service areas in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, TX, click here. We offer a 200% Money Back guarantee.

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