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Credit 360 Consulting is a leading provider of credit counseling in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Our company helps clients improve their credit ratings to allow them to get the funds they need for homes, cars, businesses and other important needs.

If you are having credit problems, we can help you repair your credit through our credit consulting services. We have programs that follow an aggressive process of removing incorrect or outdated information from your credit report.

With our extensive knowledge of federal consumer laws and experience helping many consumers improve their credit ratings, we can guarantee that our services will improve your credit.

That’s Not Fair!

Many people assume that just because a credit report is published by a credit rating agency, that it must be accurate, and that a big company like that would never make mistakes with something so important to a person’s future and finances. However, this assumption is wrong. Consumer credit reports have been shown to frequently have errors that can adversely affect your credit.

This is totally unfair to people who have worked hard to maintain or improve their good credit, and often, through no fault of their own, are unjustly penalized. For this reason, the Fair Credit Reporting Act was instituted.

Every credit report must comply with the stipulations of this act as enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, as well as various other state and federal laws. However, as pointed out above, they don’t always meet those standards.

Based on our knowledge of these rules for fair credit reporting, the credit counseling services that we offer our Austin clients will ensure the accuracy of the information on the credit report and remove the incorrect items.

Three basic things have to be considered to determine if the item is a fair and accurate reporting of your credit history. Credit 360 Consulting carefully scrutinizes every item to see if it has merit.

The time frame is one consideration. After seven years, many items must be removed by law. Is the information 100% accurate and can they prove it? What evidence do they have? Information on the credit report has to be proven correct.

Many time creditors, especially ones who have bought accounts from other lenders, have no actual proof of the claim against you. Worry not; Credit 360 Consulting will find every erroneous or unsubstantiated claim against you on your credit report and get you back into good credit standing.

It takes some time, but our services will get you there. We don’t accept any payment from clients until the credit repair process has been completed. Moreover, we offer a 200% money back guarantee and can help you get a new credit line. What do you have to lose? Contact us today and get a free consultation.

For more information on our credit counseling service areas, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, TX, click here.

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