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Happy New Year!

Credit Repair Austin and San Antonio

If your 2012 was not exactly the way you would have wanted it to be you can set your goals on making 2013 and beyond even better. Taking the time to improve your credit score will be all the worthwhile and will reward you financially in many ways. Having a low credit score can cost you greatly, especially when it comes to items where interest rates are affected by your current credit situation. Currently mortgage rates are at historically low rates but to even get approved you must have at least a 620-640 credit score. Working with a reputable credit repair company in Austin or San Antonio, Tx will assist you in getting your credit situation on track.

You do not have to wait 7-10 years for your credit to turn itself around, currently there is a very high likelihood that you have items on your credit report that are not reporting accurately which means that there are currently opportunities to turn your credit score and report around. It is possible to attempt to correct this information yourself- and we recommend that anyone and everyone be willing to if necessary, however we also want to let it be known that it can be very difficult dealing with the credit bureaus and their dispute process.

Begin always by ordering your credit report to identify opportunities for improvement… is a great resource which offers all 3 bureaus and scores for only $1 for the first month. There are also sites such as which offer 2 out of the 3 bureaus and scores for monitoring and this service is 100% free.

The point though during this new year is to take action- so many individuals tell themselves that they will improve their credit as their new year resolution but end up not taking any type of action. The difference between you and all the others is that if you take action you will be separating yourself from the millions who DONT- and you will no longer be a victim of high fees and interest rates that so many others are having to endure.

For more information on our credit repair program, CONTACT US to speak to a FICO Certified Credit Expert.

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