Identity Theft in Austin and San Antonio- What if its a family member?


Identity Theft: Mum’s the Word!

Hush little baby don’t say a word, Momma used your identity to do things absurd. Family secrets run anywhere from the common to the uncommon and from the legal to the illegal. The majority of the time these “secrets” remain just that, a secret. Many times, the illegal acts of one or more family members remain untold or never confessed. Sometimes, the victim will be tempted to repeat the same crime in the creation of a vicious cycle. The borrowing or theft of a family member’s identity happens daily across the United States with good and bad intentions behind the act.

Let’s face it, who are the people that you know best? Typically, it is your family members or close friends. You know if they have ever been arrested, if they have a criminal background, if they have a good paying job, how much money they make, if they are in debt, if they have good or bad credit. So, this would answer why someone chose a particular family member or close friend to steal their identity, but what are they going to use the identity for? And a bigger question why doesn’t the victim report the crime?

To Get a Job ­
We all know how the current state of the economy is. Many of us know that a criminal background check, education certification, and/or credit check are required to obtain employment. If one or a combination of these checks is what is getting in the way of the identity thief, he or she may decide to borrow the identity of someone who meets the qualifications.

To Get a Loan or Credit Line ­
The almost obvious example of when someone’s identity is stolen appears in the ruin or improvement of a credit report and credit scores. I know it may be hard to believe but believe it or not, some identity thieves have been known to actually improve the credit scores of their victims. Either way, the victim will never know exactly how long the good or better credit will last.

To Get Utilities Turned On ­
Many family related stolen identity stories tug at the heartstrings of parents and children alike when the reason for the crime is to simply be able to provide a safe environment for themselves and their family. When a parent feels like they have no other option or way of getting their utilities turned, but to use their child’s identity to do so, the child may grow up to see this identity theft crime as an actual crime against them or simply as something that had to be done.

To keep from getting arrested ­
You probably know that giving someone else’s name when getting arrested is against the law. Hopefully, you don’t know this from experience, but even if you are not the kind of citizen who may one day wind up getting arrested, this is still a crime that you could find yourself in the middle of one day. How easy is it for a wanted or caught criminal to give the name of their friend or family member who doesn’t have a criminal record in an attempt to get out of being arrested?

When many of the family members/victims are asked why they don’t report the crime the answers range anywhere from out of sympathy for their parent or family member to out of the very real and high cost of having to go through the process of restoring their identity.

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