How to Use Credit Counseling in San Antonio to Make Responsible Purchases

An advice column on the FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth website paints the normally frustration-wrought credit cards in a better light. The author, Andrew Housser, stresses that credit cards aren’t as bad as they seem, provided that they’re used responsibly. He then continues and lists down a number of benefits that card users can enjoy.

While there’s no doubting the convenience and usefulness of a credit card, sometimes credit problems can still arise. Issues of credit card fraud, identity theft, and hidden surcharges can haunt unsuspecting users and send them into debt. It’s a good thing, then, that credit counseling in San Antonio from advisers like Credit 360 Consulting can help consumers get a better perspective of their accounts and execute careful judgment on how they can handle their debts.

Housser’s list extols the many features of credit cards, starting with how handy and versatile they can be. Credit cards are almost universally honored in most establishments, and even by those overseas—regardless of currency, the cards should work in retailers that honor them. They also eliminate the need to carry a large amount of physical cash, which can pose a safety problem. Also, credit cards can be used to readily pay for emergency costs, such as repairs for a car.

The other benefits Housser outlines revolve around how credit cards can help in certain financial matters. Credit card issuers confer higher credit ratings to those who can pay back on time, and most of them even reward bonuses to loyal users in the form of cash back, free airline miles, discounts with stores, and so on. Some credit cards even have consumer protection features, that can help cover and extend insurance and warranty policies on items purchased with them.

Housser points out that credit card companies have improved their safety features, and are getting better at detecting fraudulent charges. It sounds reassuring, but one can’t be too sure, especially when many people still have problems correcting their credit ratings. It would be better for users to rely upon a trustworthy company that offers credit counseling in Austin for additional credit support.

Credit cards are undoubtedly very useful in making quick purchases on credit, but can be a liability the moment they’re overused, stolen, or abused. Users should be very careful with the purchases they make, and should be wary of theft. They should also try seeing a credit counseling company for any concerns regarding suspicious charges.


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