Helping College Seniors Financially with Good Credit Repair in Dallas

Daily Finance published an article on December 11, 2013 that talks about one of the most important grading systems college seniors have to face when they finally walk down the aisle to receive the long-awaited diploma:

Walking the stage at graduation and into the “real world” leads to the time when you start being evaluated on a far more critical number than your cumulative GPA — your credit score.

For many college students, this starts the moment they take on a student loan. Others may start with a credit card. Regardless, it’s important for students to start building their credit history well before graduation — and it’s important to take it seriously, even early on.

“Many employers are running credit reports during the interview process,” says Shannon Ryan, CFP, wealth adviser and author of “The Heavy Purse.”“It’s an important indicator of how you handle responsibility. In several fields, if you have a poor credit report, it will knock you out of the running for a position.”

A student’s credit score, as presented in the article, has a heavy effect on a student’s life when he or she leaves the local university. This reality made credit repair in Dallas, TX a lot more significant for seniors in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

A low credit score usually results from poor utilization of credit and underperforming in debt payments. These decisions can bite back students when they reach their working years and are looking to buy a house or a car and receive astronomically high premiums to pay.

These circumstances can be removed by being proactive in bill payments and in removing paid collection accounts from the credit report. If the damage has been done, however, college seniors can consider going to services that offer quality credit repair in Dallas after graduation.

Credit repair services help college seniors set their credit spending straight by proposing payment schedules and creating a custom program that can help them repair their credit scores. They can also do the removal of obsolete collection accounts if students are too busy with graduation and job searches to do that.

The credit score is the number that graduating seniors need to take note of if they want to build a satisfying career in the future and if they want to pursue their dreams. Low credit scores, if not solved immediately, can mar graduates’ budget plans. Interested seniors can contact reliable services like Credit 360 Consulting for more details.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Your Credit Score: After College, It’s the One Grade That Matters Most, Daily Finance, December 11, 2013)


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