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There are a ton of websites offering “free” credit reports to Texas residents, the question is- which site is truly free? We have all seen the catchy and entertaining “guitar guys” commercials advertising their free reports…but are those reports truly free?

The answer is actually NO. In fact there are some big and noteworthy lawsuits that have and are taking place right now due to the fact that so many people have bee fooled into thinking this information was free, when in fact it was not! The catchy jingles are actually big marketing efforts by Experian and actually help the big credit bureau generate a TON of revenue.

So where do you find the real free report? is the ONLY free resource that is available out there. As consumers we are allowed one free report from this site per year. It is important to note that this report does not come with any type of credit score, an upgrade would be needed to see a score which of course would cost money!

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Something else worth mentioning is the fact that this credit report is not very user friendly. Many Texas residents attempt to use this report to dispute or repair their credit but have a difficult time due to the fact that their information is so confusing and hard to read and understand. In many cases it is well worth it to spend a few dollars for a monthly monitoring service which can assist you in better understand what is on your report. Of course if you need assistance- one of our FICO Certified credit experts can also offer you a free consultation of your credit report to help you sort through all the mess. Please click the link below if you would like to have one of our representatives contact you in regards to this.

Free Credit Consultation


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