Credit Repair San Antonio- Personal Budget Busters and How to Trim Down

Are your habits or daily rituals costing you money? Do you even know if you have costly rituals or habits? Maybe it is a monthly ritual or annual ritual? Whatever it is, are you willing to try something different in order to free up some money in your family’s budget?

We all know how to lose weight by lowering the calories we eat and exercising more just as much as we know how to save money by not spending more money than we bring in. But what are those little things that we don’t take into consideration when creating a budget. I have to admit that I still pick up magazines that claim to have THE best ideas on how to create a budget that will get me out of MY DEBT. Somehow many of the authors of these articles think that I have a very money thirsty habit of drinking very expensive coffee drinks on a daily basis. This couldn’t be further from the truth (no, I am not resisting the opportunity to confess a designer coffee addiction) and further from the type of tips I could use in addressing the habits and rituals that really do cost me money on a regular basis.

Before you begin to review your budget draining habits, I would suggest you start by asking yourself if you are using your cash/checking/debit card for items that you need and reserving your credit cards for items that you can agree to pay within the next 30 days or on a reasonable payment agreement. This means that you should NOT be using your credit cards to make purchases such as groceries and gas. If you are not able to afford to pay for groceries (eating/drinking out) and gas, then you may need to review your budget a bit more aggressively.

Here are a few guilty pleasures that may be draining your budget faster than you know:

I started by testing the strength of my cable addiction by filling my schedule with other activities and also seeing if I could find the shows and news that I was missing online for free! I went ahead and cancelled the cable altogether. You can also shop around or call to negotiate for the current promotion price with your cable provider if you are not willing to live without your cable.

Eating Out
What is more weird: eating at a restaurant because you are in a restaurant even though you are not hungry and it doesn’t fit in your budget or eating a meal you prepared for yourself with your groceries at your office before or after your meeting at a restaurant? Consider a variety of spaces when scheduling a meeting and be open to a budget friendly space like an actual office for professional meetings. Save yourself some calories and money by eating before or after meeting with colleagues or friends.

Drink specials aren’t always the least expensive drink to order when out with friends and colleagues. They can tempt you into drinking something other than what you would have ordered in the first place and probably more expensive. You can always order my favorite ‘fake out’ drink, a club soda with salt and lime and save yourself some money and a few headaches.

For a few more ideas on how to save money on everyday actions:

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