Credit Repair San Antonio: Finding a credit repair company in my area

When it comes to increasing or improving your credit score, you might be prompted by ads or hypes that claim to help you with your credit rating. However, you must be aware that there are several credit scams that may feed on your need for a better credit score. By being equipped with the right knowledge, you safeguard yourself against these scams.

Legally, no one can take negative and accurate information from a credit report, you can even request for a credit investigation at no cost. By law, you are privileged to a free credit report even when the company takes it against you. You can ask for 60 days from the date of your request in writing. This is based on the logic that both the credit company and you have the obligation to ensure that all the information reflected on your credit report to be accurate and free from incomplete information.
You can start by writing a request letter to the credit company. Tell the company, what particular information needs correcting and attached necessary documents that may help in clarifying the issue like official receipts and the credit documents that need to be corrected. Send it by registered mail so you have a record that the company received your request.
By default, credit companies must investigate your claim in 30 days. If the incorrect information you requested cannot be settled, you can dispute the items and include copies (not originals) of the documents to help you with your claim.
Based on the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA), it is illegal for credit repair companies to lie or make false claims on what services they can offer for you.

They are required by this law to have the following:

• A written contract that includes what services they can and will perform for you
• How long it will take to get results
• Right to cancel within three days
• Prices in writing
• Any guarantees both you have agreed on

If the credit repair company wasn’t able to keep up with their obligations to you, you can sue them in the federal court for any losses you have incurred or for what you have paid them, ask for punitive damages and ask the company to pay your expenses in legally pursuing your cause.

Report Credit Repair Fraud
In the US, many states have laws regulating credit repair companies. You can report your problems to the State Attorneys General or consumer affairs office. The Federal Trade Commission, on the other hand, can take actions against a company if there is a proven law violation.

If you have problems with your credit rating, you might also try to consider taking a credit counselling organization. Although, many are non-profit, it doesn’t mean they are free from charge. Credit counselling organizations will help give you a good advice in managing your money and debts as well as helping you improve your credit rating and develop a personalized plan in managing your finances. An initial counselling usually takes an hour but you might need to do follow-up sessions.

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