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San Antonio has been looking for a reputable credit repair resource- Credit 360 Consulting is the answer…

Why is it so difficult to find a reputable credit repair company in San Antonio that also charges clients a fair amount and is driven by a results oriented system? A company with these credentials exists! Right here in San Antonio this resource can be found and hundreds of clients have had the opportunity to work with Credit 360 Consulting to achieve their credit related goals and dreams.

We offer our clients a valuable service and guide all of them in the direction they need to go with our expertise and knowledge on the topic of credit. There are many companies out there that send out letters and delete a few items from the report, but how many can truly call themselves FICO Certified Credit Experts?

Remember that not all credit repair companies are created equal…be sure to do some homework before signing up and take a look at our post titled: “5 Warning Signs of a BAD Credit Repair Company in San Antonio“. If you can follow these 5 simple reminders you can avoid wasting your time and money on a company that is not going to follow through for you.

We offer a Mandatory Continuing Education course for RE Professionals and we are certified with TREC and the Texas Association of Realtors- our time is spent educating professionals and consumers alike on the details of the credit reporting system and what takes place behind the curtain.

If you are interested in more information about our services, please feel free to request a FREE CONSULTATION with a FICO Certified rep, or download our 5 quick tips to improve your credit score report below!


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