Credit Repair in San Antonio: Helping You Resurface from the Deep End

A rather checkered credit history will severely affect your ability to seek loans in the future, and some lenders are not as forgiving. According to Angela Colley, writing for the Main Street Financial News website:

According to Experian’s The Great Credit Divide study, men have a 674 credit score on average. Women’s credit scores are slightly higher, coming in at 675.

Considering credit scores affect everything from getting a job to homeownership, it’s no wonder many people want to see their average 674 hit the prime or even super-prime range. But every year, many consumers trying to repair their credit find themselves lost in a sea of bad advice and poor decisions.

San Antonio, Texas also has its predicaments as far as credit ratings are concerned. The city’s San Antonio River Authority itself recently garnered an AAA municipal rating from credit rating body Moody’s as having a stable outlook, but has issued negative or stable outlooks to certain local government bonds. When you are looking to resolve your various credit issues and get them off your chest somehow, experts at credit repair in San Antonio like those at Credit 360 Consulting can help you out.

The first step to getting that FICO score fixed is to acquire your credit report from a trusted credit reporting agency such as Experian. This will give you a more or less accurate detailing of your situation. Colley notes that old debts actually comprise 30% of the FICO score.

At the same time, though, if you are looking at credit-repair services as a last option to save your borrowing capacity, do your homework. There are outfits that often promise outstanding results immediately or ask a modest sum first but never deliver in the end.

On the opposite side is a reputable credit-repair group that will discuss your credit issue at no initial charge. An official from a major financial advisory firm says the “promise” companies usually raise red flags under the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

It’s not the end of the world just because your credit score’s in the low triple digits. A company that does efficient credit repair in San Antonio can pull you out of the deep furrow that your spending habits have put you in.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Why Your Credit Repair is Failing, Main Street)

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