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Austin, Texas, Live Music Capital of the World, CapCity, Bat City, Heart of Texas, home to folks who “Keep Austin Weird”, no matter what you call it, if you call it home, chances are you are feeling the quick and continuous growth of Austin. Changes are not just in congestion on ‘35’, or transformation of patchouli wearing hippies to an increase in number of hipsters, but also in your wallet. It’s obvious that more people are moving here in bigger numbers by the day, and it’s inevitable that there would be a rise in the cost of living in Austin. According to an online article by Leah L. Culler of MSN Real Estate, Austin is one of the ‘10 cities where rents will rise most in 2013’. Oddly enough, many native Austinites are finding it hard to afford to live in their own hometown and even more weird are the implants from out of town/state who move here and can’t afford it either.

Financing your home with a low interest rate or refinancing with a lower interest rate can help free up some money in your monthly budget for some of the costs that it takes to maintain your home or ATX lifestyle. But, let’s say you are looking for a place to live and your credit and/or financial situation doesn’t allow you to buy a home currently. What’s your next option besides living with your parents (even if you are far into your adult years) rent free or for reduced rent? Renting a condo, apartment or home you say? Ok, let’s visit that idea. Now, let’s throw in a loving spouse and two young, smart and well ­behaved children to the scenario just to make things a little weird. Many factors go into choosing where you call ‘home’ ­ Commute to work time, school district, neighborhood, number of bedrooms, and of course the biggest factor of all, who will approve you based on your financial condition AND Credit!!

It doesn’t matter if you choose to move your whole family into your parents’ home, if you try to buy a home, if you are already in a home or if you rent an apartment, good credit can help you secure a comfortable home for you and your family AND help you save money in other areas of your life. Here are a few ways to help you get a piece of the good credit pie:

1. Maintain 2-­3 revolving credit lines:
Remember, the credit bureaus want to see that you know how to manage credit cards. In order to have a credit score, you need to have and use credit accounts. Visit the following link if you need to open a credit line or two: Click on credit cards link to the left and then on the banner that pops up to the right. When you get to the site, look for a section on the left side where it says “search by credit quality”. Credit cards are considered high risk when they are unsecured. However, if you know how to manage the high risk unsecured accounts it’s going to benefit you much more on your scores.

2. Keep a Low Balance on Open Revolving Accounts:
You want to maintain the balances between 0-19% of the limit. Anything above this percentage will not maximize your credit points for the account (s).

3. Make Your Monthly Payments on Time

A late payment can hurt your credit score just as much as a collection. It can take up to around a year and a half to recover the credit points for a credit account that you make a late payment on.We are here for you no matter what step you are on in your credit story. From establishing credit, to maintaining good credit, to repairing ruined credit, we can help you move to the next step in your credit journey. Contact us today for a free consultation and more information on how to improve your credit!

If you are interested in talking to a FICO Certified Professional about your credit contact us HERE for a free analysis and consultation.

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