Credit Repair Austin – 3 Tips for Success

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Austin can benefit greatly from credit repair services- follow these 3 tips to ensure a positive experience.

If you are living in Austin or surrounding areas and have found yourself in need of credit repair, you may be trying to figure out the best possible solution for your situation- we have 3 solid tips or guidelines that you can follow to help you have a more positive and more favorable experience.

1. Credit repair is not for everyone- There are individuals who can benefit greatly from credit repair services but at the same time it is not for everyone. Credit repair will NOT work- bottom line- for people that are currently late on their bills. If you want to put a band aid on a gunshot wound, you will likely not stop the bleeding…the same is true in relation to credit repair. Being in control of financial basics is an important foundational step before entering into the repair space, if you attempt to repair your credit while being late on a account, you will see little to no change in your FICO or credit score because the late payments will dominate and leave no room for improvement until your finances are under control again.

2. This is not an overnight process– If you want your credit repaired in a few weeks and you find someone who tells you they can do it for a certain fee- be prepared to lose some money in the very near future. Credit repair is a PROCESS and is not something that will be completed overnight. If you are planning on making a purchase you will want to give yourself 6-12 months of time to begin working to improve your credit. Having a Certified FICO Professional review your credit report can be extremely beneficial in helping to figure out a realistic time frame for improvement based on your personal credit report.

3. Your debt will NOT be erased– I have heard many a smooth talking “credit expert” explain to their clients how great credit repair is, “your debt will also be erased!” Let me be very straightforward and say that they are flat out LIARS! Credit repair is truly a great thing, however one thing it is not is a cure all- the debt that was incurred by the individual does not go away- and an honest company will be very up front and honest about this and should even explain to you that you SHOULD take care of your obligations provided that they are legal and are still within the statute of limitations. If you are expecting to have your debt forgiven with credit repair you will be very disappointed to find out that this is not possible nor is it morally ok to think that it should work that way.

If you would like to speak to a Certified FICO Professional- request a FREE CREDIT ANALYSIS.



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