Credit Repair Attorney’s in San Antonio and Austin- Fact or Fiction?

Are credit repair attorney’s real? Or simply clever marketers, YOU be the judge.


There are many popular websites that tout themselves as “credit repair attorney” companies- or credit report repair “law firms” but are they really doing any actual legal work? One of the most popular companies in the US calls itself a credit repair law firm but when you call them you never speak to a real attorney on the phone- in fact you are likely to get someone who actually knows very little about credit- other than what their script tells them.

Many consumers are being misled into thinking they are signing up with a credit repair company that is powered by a group of attorneys who are pulling up their sleeves and working hard on behalf of their client- much in the same way an attorney might represent someone with a medical claim or workman’s comp situation when in fact nothing even close to this is happening! Most of these so called law firms simply have one or two attorney’s names attached to the company but in fact are simply paying a regular low wage employee to create the dispute letters that are going to the credit bureaus. These types of companies are very misleading and will have you believe that they may even actually SUE SOMEONE if they had to, such as a collector or a credit bureau. They WILL NOT represent you in these types of issues, I repeat: they will not sue the credit bureaus if they violate the law! They will only charge you the monthly fee that they charge and slowly pick away at your credit file for an average of 18 months!

Working with an outside law firm that specializes in actual FCRA lawsuits or FDCPA lawsuits is a better alternative for individuals looking for better service and better representation. Law firms such as the Schafer Firm, PLLC are created to take the necessary actions against individuals who violate laws against consumers and help to give them the voice they deserve. Companies who call themselves law firms but only repair credit are actually leading people into believing they may have a stronger backing if needed but in actuality are receiving a much more inferior service.

To speak to a FICO Certified credit expert about your credit file, please request a FREE CONSULTATION. If you are receiving harassing phone calls from creditors or feel your rights are being violated by the credit bureaus please contact the Schafer Firm @ 210.348.0500



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