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He Posted, She Posted­­

Your credit report is a little like your facebook page. There is a story that it tells about your past and your present and although it doesn’t show pictures, it gives the reader a good idea of what the scenes look like and even what you are wearing! You live your life and the credit bureaus document what’s going on from their view, the financial view. Actually, the credit bureaus report what others (creditors) say about you and your spending habits.

In facebook terms it would be like having a facebook page that your friends, enemies, and frenemies (enemies who disguise themselves as friends) create your profile, posts, and status updates. The funny thing is that you are more upset when someone posts something negative about you on their page or yours or anyone else’s facebook page that simply isn’t true, and when the credit bureaus create their see­report (their version of hear­say) you don’t even know it happened because you don’t check your credit report as often as you check your facebook page.

You monitor which pictures of you are posted and tell your friends to not post ‘that’ picture because it makes you look fat or ugly or inappropriate, I mean you don’t everyone on facebook to think bad about you or paint you in a negative light. Meanwhile, the credit bureaus are quick as a tabloid photojournalist to develop their story of you for creditors to get to know who and how you are.

Your Profile in a Picture
You will find on your credit report that there is a section usually at the top or beginning of the report that gives basic information about you. It includes your name, aliases, address where you live currently and in the past and your current and past employers. If this information is incorrect in anyway or if you see additional information that does not pertain to you, there is a chance that there are other errors in your report that may be hurting your credit score.

Your Life as told by the Credit Bureaus
The type of accounts you have open tell the reader (creditor) where you shop, where you live, how much your house is, what kind of car you drive, where you buy your spouse’s jewelry, and the list goes on and on. If you are noticing accounts that don’t belong to you it should be pretty obvious that there may be credit fraud or major reporting errors that need to be removed and addressed ASAP!

Recent Posts
Creditors and third party collection parties are little like the people in your life who post current and past pictures of you for others to see on facebook. The posts that really get you worked up are the ones from the past that are lingering out there and haven’t been seen by anyone on anyone’s page, but they somehow get ‘refreshed’ when someone comments on it or just now ‘tags’ themselves after a couple of years when the actual horrible picture of you was taken. This is similar to the reporting game that credit bureaus, creditors and third party collection parties play when it comes to your credit history and your credit score. If you are not sure how to address such items on your credit report, contact a credit consultant who can help you understand the pros and cons before you start going after everything and everyone reporting on your credit report and possibly opening yourself up to bigger problems.

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