Correcting Overcharges through Credit Repair in Dallas

A column on the Dallas News website published on June 27, 2013 lauds the recent legislation of a couple of laws that prohibit merchants in Texas from charging extra for swipe fees, for both credit and debit cards. The bills were passed fairly recently, and should save Texans a whole lot of money. Notably, Texas is only one of 10 states in America that has passed such a law.

Hidden fees are the kind of surprises nobody wants; who wouldn’t be aghast and irritated at the sight of extra charges that suddenly appear on credit reports? While Texas may have outlawed the card overcharges, that doesn’t mean some devious merchants would stop tricking people. Victims of these greedy retailers should seek immediate credit repair in Dallas before things get real sticky.

Actually, the no-surcharge law has been around for about 30 years, yet its enforcement was very lax and many businesses escaped unscathed. However, the new laws now impose administrative financial penalties, which should discourage deceit among merchants. Originally, one bill was passed that only covered purchases made with credit cards, but another was drafted and passed, which also included debit cards in the clause.

If it weren’t for the laws, merchants could charge upwards of 4 percent in “convenience fees” every time a customer used a card to buy something. Many states still allow merchants to do this, with a few exceptions like Texas. The laws also strengthened the authority of state regulators, permitting them to pursue crafty merchants who still overcharge consumers for purchases made with their card. Overall, the new laws should help protect citizens and their credit ratings from ne’er-do-well businesses.

While the laws do stop a form of credit theft, it won’t stop other, much bigger credit problems. Those who notice erratic credit changes might want to initiate credit repair in Dallas, TX. This can be accomplished with the help of a credit consultancy like Credit 360 Consulting, which can accurately trace a consumer’s purchases and help consumers fix their ratings if there’s foul play involved.

Cutting away overcharges for purchases made with cards is great news, indeed, for Texas. However, the threat of credit manipulation still looms, so consumers still need to be careful. Working with a credit consultancy service should be able to help consumers keep up to date with their credit ratings and quickly discover any anomalies in their purchases and expenditure.


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