Best Credit Repair Companies- 3 Steps to Finding One

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The best credit repair companies in the US are the ones who provide their clients with the most aggressive programs in the most compliant ways with the best possible service and options for customer support.

This is something that is not seen very often these days, in fact still the majority of credit repair companies that are out there unfortunately are in the “scammer” category and are unable to provide a legitimate service to their clients. Other companies who are doing a good job deleting items, still fall short by providing inadequate customer support and unethical letters being sent to the credit bureaus.

Step 1: Find a company that charges AFTER the work is done. This is a mandate from the FTC- even if you are told that the State allows it, do not take a chance, the national level DOES NOT ALLOW IT.

Step 2: Look for a “performance based system” for repair…all others are simply about one thing: revenue. There is no incentive to work fast and hard if you are paying $50/month for repair! Companies that charge for performance based upon what is getting deleted are the smartest route for simple reasons: they do not get paid unless they delete something!

Step 3: Ask about their client support and communications department (if they even have one) because the biggest complaint from most clients about credit repair companies is that they can never get someone on the line or to answer their emails. Few companies offer a client support phone # and an online tracking system. Ask for these types of things because its important!

If you are interested in speaking to an FTC compliant company, request a FREE CONSULTATION or for more information about credit, download our free “10 Credit Myths Guide”.


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