Austin and San Antonio can opt out of credit card offers online

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Junk mail can be extremely annoying- especially when you end up recieving tons of credit card offers promising you supposed low interest rates only to find out later that the cards have a hefty annual fee and an introductory interest rate that only lasts a short period of time. Most people do not know that there is a solution to stopping all of the card offers and we encourage everyone to opt out!

The website to visit is

Austin and San Antonio residents can utilize this website to assist them in reducing offers as well as reducing the tempation for a credit card that may not be best to actually apply for. During the credit repair process we opt out our clients so that they can focus on opening the right type of cards and direct them to sites that offer secured cards such as this one:

It is important to note that all individuals in the United States are automatically opted IN by default! You must manually go in and opt out so that the credit bureaus cannot sell your personal information to credit card companies. This is a HUGE revenue source for the bureaus and they should NOT have access to our information by default but this is what is taking place right now.

There is also the option to opt out via telephone as well, the number to call is 1–888–567–8688.

Want to learn how to quickly improve your credit score? Click the link below to find out:

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