Are there any legal credit repair services in Austin, TX?

We often hear from our real estate agents and loan officers/mortgage originators that there are still many Austin residence who question whether or not they can still find a legal and compliant credit repair organization in their town. We are happy to share with them the fact that Credit 360 Consulting is not just legal and compliant, we are in many ways overly compliant with the program we offer.

What exactly makes a credit repair company legal and compliant? The main factor to consider is the Credit Repair Organizations Act or CROA for short. Basically what CROA represents is the Federal Trade Commissions basic standards and guidelines that make up what a credit repair organization should or should not be doing. For instance- one of the key factors of CROA is the fact that a credit repair company in Austin or San Antonio can only charge AFTER all work has been completed. It does not say anything else about any ways to get around this. The State of Texas has decided that a credit repair company CAN charge in advance provided that they are registered with the Secretary of State AND have a $10k bond in place. It is still worthwhile however to mention that the national regulations still trump the state level decisions and thus it is important for companies in states like Texas to strive to be in total compliance with CROA.

Working with a company that charges after the work is completed will eliminate the risks that many people have to deal with while doing business with companies that charge their clients up front or before the work is completed. Do yourself a favor and be sure to study CROA before signing up with any credit repair company and seek a legal, and compliant company that charges after the work is done.

For more information about Credit 360 Consulting and our program which is 100% compliant with CROA and the FTC requirements- click the buttom below to request a free consultation.

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